A Systematic Approach To Crack Software Interview In 12 Weeks.

1:1 Guidance

People come from different background and skillsets. 1:1 coaching provides personalized training focusing improvement your of skillset. .

Structured preparation

You often waste your time or randomize yourself by solving the problem from multiple sources. We focus on structured preparation which covers all the necessary topics on time.

Confidently solve the unseen problem.

We focus on the techniques rather the problems. We teach you how you should start exploring the problem, finding trade-offs and how to get into the solution.


Building Blocks for Technical Interviews

Interviews are tough: Structure your Prep

There are too many resources on the internet which can easily randomize you. We are here to set up the right structure of interview preparation ensuring you can cover the fundamental concept of DS, Algorithm, problem solving to system design before the interview.

Interviewers looking for the coding signal!

More than 50% of candidate got rejected as they got stuck while implementing the algorithm. A perfect coding involves choosing the right data structure, handing all the edge-case while putting your thoughts into a whiteboard.

Focus on techniques which solve the unseen problem.

Unfortunately, most websites focus on problems rather than techniques. Here, we focus on techniques which can solve multiple problems. For example, mastering "dynamic programming", you can solve problems like "longest palindrome substring" or "minimum sorted path in a grid".

Approaches are more important that solution itself.

Most interview questions are open-ended - they are more than one solution exists. Interviews enjoy how you brainstorm the problem and how you approach the solution.

Practice for the 45-minute interview!!

Mostly, all the big tech company has 45 min of the interview where the questions are difficult enough that you're only expected to answer that one/two question within the time. In this time, you are expected to brainstorm the approaches,tread-off the alternatives, optimize the solution, code and finding out the complexity. It's almost impossible to achieve without practice and guidance.


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